Season’s fashions reflect nature’s canvas

Gold Sweater
Gold makes a comeback this fall, coming in a variety of shades, perfect for layering tone on tone.

Summer may have had difficulty letting go, even as the calendar gave way to November. But there’s a new crispness in the air, so what better way to enjoy the beauty of the season than with new cold weather fashions from Worlds Apart? This season’s hottest colors include shades of gold, rust and burgundy, reflecting the beauty of newly fallen leaves. We’ve got warm autumn hues in your favorite pullovers, cardigans, outerwear and accessories.

Don’t you just love the updated gold colors in this season’s fashions? From goldenrod to mustard to amber, and everything in between, we like the way these tones add warmth to the season’s latest styles, like this loose-knit layered look. You can pair this color with traditional dark denim jeans for a casual look or check out how colored denims in grays, blacks, and even gold, bring out the richness of this fresh palette. Or, skip the jeans and dress up your golden look with a darker suede or wool skirt and boots.

Jeans in neutrals and fall hues provide a dressier look to casual ensembles.

Gold isn’t the only color making a comeback this year. Sure, traditional red and black remain a closet staple, but you can also expect to see a wide range of fashion reds drawn from autumn’s colorful leaves, ranging from near scarlet to burgundy to deep rosewood, with varying degrees of red, yellow and brown tones. Enjoy these colors paired with gold or let them take center stage by pairing with more subdued grays and browns.

Look also for deep olives and even green-blue tones to also make an appearance with this seasonal favorite as well, particularly in accessories like scarves and wraps. Try layering deep burgundy tones in a cardigan, sweater coat or deep v-neck against a backdrop of light to medium gold or cream, then pull the look together with the perfect scarf and jewelry.

Fall colors
Pair the season’s dominant hues with soft neutrals for a nature-inspired autumn look.

Regardless of which seasonal color catches your eye, look for a broad array of unique fabrics and textures to add beauty to this season’s favorites. Loose, open-knit sweaters in soft, natural yarns that show off layers underneath offer an unexpected twist to monochrome layering.  Jackets in a selection of soft beiges and browns in fabrics that mimic the look of suede provide a polished look. Updated looks for hats and bags complement and contrast with autumn’s vibrant pigments.

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